We’re not just a Sunday Church. We are an Every Day Church.


Join us every Sunday at 10:00AM


At Core Church we exist to bring the love of Jesus into the pain and suffering in the world. In Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus said, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.” We want you to experience:

HOPE for your heart.
HEALING for your soul.
PEACE of mind.
PURPOSE in the world.


Daily Devotions

Divine direction is found in daily devotions.

God wants to speak to each of us and the main way he does that is through his Word. Most of us are incredibly busy and finding the time is difficult. Daily devotions require daily discipline. Daily devotions are divine moments to walk with God, talk with God, sit with God, and worship with God like a friend. God wants to pour out dreams, visions, and direction for our lives.

Sacrificial Serving

Sacrificial serving isn’t something we do, it’s who we are.

Sacrificial serving is a call to die to my plans and my desires and live for Christ’s plans and desires. It’s a call to serve people around me and people around the world and daily showing the love of Jesus to someone in a tangible way. Through sacrificial serving we model the life of Jesus and display the love of Christ to our broken world.

Continual Surrender

Continual surrender to God’s Spirit builds a confident spirit.

Salvation is found in no other name but Jesus. We trust in him for our salvation and daily surrender our lives to him. We live in a culture that says, “I answer to no one. I live my way and by my rules. I decide what’s best for me.” As a result, our world is filled with chaos, pain, depression, abuse, sexual confusion, hatred, and division. Following Jesus is about living counter cultural. We no longer live for ourselves. Instead, we humble ourselves in worship, devotion, and obedience to Christ alone.

Sharing Christ

Sharing Christ is sharing life.

We have been saved from the curse of sin and death and we desire for others to experience the freedom we have found. So, we share our faith to a world in need of God’s grace and mercy.

Persistent Prayer

Persistent prayer reveals Gods sovereignty in the midst of uncertainty.

Peoples first instinct usually isn’t to pray. Instead, they exhaust all other means. Prayer shouldn’t be our last option. It must be our first option. It’s in prayer we remind ourselves that God is bigger than my crisis and we can fully trust in him.

Godly Friendships

Godly friendships help us get through life’s hardships.

People face difficulties and adversity in this life. In moments like these their tendency is to withdraw and go into isolation. Isolation is where the enemy traps them and preys upon their mind. The devil will try to convince them that no one understands, no one cares, and they’re the only one who has faced this problem. Everyone needs a small group that speak the truth of God into their lives. A small group who will encourage, support, and love them.

Generous Giving

Generous giving is radical living.

Giving can be hard and doesn’t always come naturally. Giving isn’t an obligation it’s an opportunity to be a blessing. Every blessing we have in this life is a gift from God. It comes from God, it is Gods, and goes back to God. God blesses us to be a blessing to others. Generosity isn’t measured by the size of our pocketbook. Generosity is measured by the size of our heart. God wants us to give from the heart.

Sunday Worship

We gather to experience God’s presence and be equipped for his purpose.

Sunday worship is not just about having an individual experience with God. We could do that at home. It’s about the people of God bringing the presence of God with them and joining their spirits together with the Holy Spirit. As we gather, we learn a shared vision and mission from the scriptures that equips us to move together as the body of Christ.



We believe in one God, revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ

We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son. He suffered and died on a cross, and was raised to life. By His death, He made a full atonement for all sin.


We believe that everyone has sinned, fallen short of God, and is separated from Him. Whoever repents of their sin and believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, will be saved.

Holy Spirit

We believe Christ-followers are called to submit their lives fully to the Holy Spirit.

Holy Bible

We believe in the Holy Bible. The scriptures are the inspired Word of God and contain all truth for all mankind.


We believe in the Church universal. The body of Christ is called by God to worship together and join in the redemptive work of Christ in the world.


We believe in baptism. Baptism is the declaration of one’s faith in Jesus Christ.

Lord's Supper

We believe in the Lord’s Supper. Communion is the remembrance and appreciation of Christ’s death on the cross.


We believe in divine healing. We believe in the prayer of faith to heal the sick.

Christ's Return

We believe Jesus Christ will return to judge both the living and the dead.

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